International Master of Science in Rural Development
 Financing IMRD as a non-European student

Financing the programme as a non-E+ Programme Country national

Applying for a VLIR-UOS Scholarship

VLIR-UOS offers a limited number of full scholarships for students each year, according to a specific list of eligibility criteria. Applicants need to be a national AND resident of one of the 31 scholarship countries at the time of application.

The application for a VLIR-UOS Scholarship should not be done separately. In the IMRD application form, you can indicate whether you want to be considered for such Scholarship.

Applying as a self-sponsoring student

Students who receive academic admission to the programme, but are not offered the EMJMD or IMRD Consortium scholarship, or who have other financial means (private funding, an alternative scholarship, etc.), can apply as 'self-sponsoring' students.


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