International Master of Science in Rural Development
 Financing IMRD as a non-European student

Financing the programme as a non-E+ Programme Country national

For Erasmus+ partner country students (see link for list of countries) the Tuition fee is € 9000 per academic year.

Applying for a VLIR-UOS Scholarship

VLIR-UOS offers a limited number of full scholarships for students each year, according to a specific list of eligibility criteria. Applicants need to be a national AND resident of one of the 31 scholarship countries at the time of application.

The application for a VLIR-UOS Scholarship should not be done separately. In the IMRD application form, you can indicate whether you want to be considered for such Scholarship.

Applying as a self-sponsoring student

Students who receive academic admission to the programme, but are not offered a VLIR-UOS scholarship or who have other financial means (private funding, an alternative scholarship, etc.), can apply as 'self-sponsoring' students.


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