International Master of Science in Rural Development
 Mobility Scheme

Semester 1: Ghent University, starting the first week of September, for the basic module.

Semester 2: A partner university different from thesis partner university

Case Study: Pisa University (Italy) or Nitra University (Slovakia)

Semester 3 AND 4 (Master Dissertation) at one and the same institute

General conditions

For the overall programme, including course work, case study/internship & Master thesis:

  1. Obtain min. 120 ECTS (max 132 ECTS) over 2 academic years (min. 54, max. 66 per year)

  2. All students start in Ghent

  3. All students study at at least 2 different IMRD diploma awarding (European) partner institutions (including Ghent University) with a minimum of 30 ECTS in each institute

  4. Non-EU students on an EM or Consortium Scholarship: max 1 semester (3 months) at one of the non-IMRD diploma awarding partner institutions (max 30ECTS)

  5. EU students on an EM or Consortium Scholarship: max 2 semesters out of EU (max 60ECTS)

  6. Second year = one location

  7. Case Study and Master Thesis are compulsory
  8. Exceptions on the above on approval of the Management Board only


Students are free to chose and decide on their own mobility path whilst taking into account the above-mentioned stipulations.

However, applicants must indicate during the application process at which university they prefer to conduct and defend their master thesis. This preference is pre-final and will become final in case the applicant is awarded a scholarship administrated by the IMRD Consortium. (An applicant might be proposed a different mobility then s/he applied for in return of being awarded a scholarship.)

The IMRD Consortium strives towards an equal distribution of the number of students amongst the consortium partners. Therefore, the IMRD Management Board reserves the right to intervene and alter a student's mobility path in order to guarantee this equal distribution of students.



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