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The below info is only with respect to last year's procedures, and only serves as an indication. Changes will be effectuated, and communicated once the 2016-2018 applications open.

Applications 2016-2018 will open soon.


Eligible Nationalities

All nationalities apply except for nationals from the Erasmus+ Programme countries.
Hence, only nationals of the flowing countries are not eligible for the Erasmus Mundus JMD Scholarships (and should rather apply for the IMRD Consortium Scholarships) :

  1. nationals of all 28 EU member states:
    Belgium Greece Lithuania Portugal
    Bulgaria Spain Luxembourg Romania
    Czech Republic France Hungary Slovenia
    Denmark Croatia Malta Slovakia
    Germany Italy Netherlands Finland
    Estonia Cyprus Austria Sweden
    Ireland Latvia Poland United Kingdom

  2. nationals of the following non-EU Erasmus+ Programme countries:
    former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Iceland                                   Norway                                                       
    Liechtenstein Turkey  

--> For more information on the requirements and stipulations of the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships, please consult this page.

--> Applicants eligible for an EM scholarship are also eligible for the IMRD Consortium Scholarships, though should not seperatly apply for that scholarship. By applying for the EM one, they also automatically  apply for the IMRD Consortium Scholarships.


The deadline for applying for a Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for the IMRD programme 2015-2017 is March 15th, 2015 midnight (CET, Central European Time). 

The deadline for receipt of the hard copy file is March 23rd, 2015 (this means we will accept all documents sent by regular mail that arrive at our office before the 24th of March; anything arriving on March 24th or later will be considered as not applying/eligible for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships).


Important: do not send documents if you have not yet submitted an online application (and thus have not received the request to send in your hard copy file)!


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Application procedure

The first step of the application procedure is an on-line registration and application form. Register in the IMRD database, complete the application form, and submit it electronically to the IMRD Applications Team. 
Make sure you fill out at least all the obligatory fields. Add as much additional information as possible, and load electronic copies of your documents. After submitting the online application, you will receive an automatic mail confirming your completion of the first step.
(You can download the formats for the recommendation/reference letter here: Word document or PDF document (same format as last year's application).)

Roughly 1 month after submitting, you will receive a Result Notification Letter stating whether or not you have been deemed academically fit to participate to the IMRD programme.

In case you have not been deemed academically fit, your application process ends here and you are invited to re-apply the next year.


In case you have been academically admitted, the Result Notification Letter will invite you to start the second step of the application process, explaining the next steps and requirements in order to be fully admitted to start the programme in September 2015.




=> The Result Notification Letter indicates you are academically admitted to start the IMRD programme on the condition that you fully complete your hard copy file (= step 2, see below). Without fully completing the second step, you will not be able to start the programme.


=> Also note that the Result Notification Letter does not grant you any scholarship. This letter is completely separate from the scholarship, and you will have to complete the second step on time in order to be eligible for the Erasmus Mundus scholarships.


The second step of the application procedure is to assemble your hard copy application file in the Result Notification Letter. You will have to send this hard copy file (composed of the printed and signed application form, plus all requested documents (secondary school leaving certificate, higher education diploma(s), including all transcripts of records, language certificate(s), curriculum vita, passport pictures, copy of passport, recommendation letters)) by regular or express mail to the IMRD Secretariat before the deadline. 

Once the secretariat has received your hard copy file and assessed it as complete, you will receive a Provisional Admission Letter. This letter is issued to help you start applying for external scholarships (as the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship application result will only be known by the beginning or midst of April 2015).
As chances are slim to be awarded a scholarship, we advise all applicants to start applying for alternative scholarships once they have received the Provisional Admission Letter.

Upon receipt of the Provisional Admission Letter, you have officially ended and fulfilled the application process. The letter will therefore provide more info on the programme, and explain the precise administrative steps of the registration process in order for you to be fully admitted, able to enrol at the Ghent University, and start the programme in September 2015.



=> The Provisional Admission letter indicates you are academically admitted to start the IMRD programme on the condition that you fully complete the registration process.

=> Also note that Provisional Admission Letter does not grant you any scholarship. This letter is completely separate from the scholarship.



By the midst of April 2015, all scholarship applicants who have received a Provisional Admission Letter, will receive a Scholarship Result Letter notifying whether or not they have been awarded an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship.

Please consult the FAQ! for more detailed information on the application procedure.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of the high number of applications, the IMRD Management Board is obliged to only consider those applications that are complete and contain all documents, translated if necessary. Once you are invited to participate the second step, your online application and the hard copy file are considered as one.
If your file is not complete, you will not be requested to add documents, but simply will not be taken into account.



 You will not be permitted to start the programme until your (hard copy) application file is complete.

If your (hard copy) application file is not complete by March 24th, 2015, you will not be eligible (= not taking into account) for the Erasmus Mundus scholarships.

Applicants who submit their online file before February 1st, 2015, will be notified of their application result (with respect to their academic admission - not regarding to the scholarships) within 1 month after submitting the online file. Only then should they send their hard copy file (second step).

Students who submit after February 1st, 2015, will not be notified of their application result until the end of March-the beginning of April 2015. Hence, they will have to send their hard copy file (second step) without knowing whether or not they are academically admitted.


The decision on whether or not you have been awarded an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, will be communicated to you by the midst of April 2015. 






Specific note for Chinese students

All students from the P.R. China will have to obtain a certificate of academic screening issued by the Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) of the German Embassy in Beijing before being allowed to enrol at any higher education institution, language course or other preparatory course in Flanders. The APS certificate is also required for obtaining a student visa to Belgium. The APS certificate needs to be sent with the application in order for the application to be considered.

Students planning to study in Flanders are advised to contact the Academic Evaluation Centre in Beijing,  info{at} as soon as possible in order to make the necessary appointments and this before applying for a visa.  The APS application form and more information can be found on

Every student accepted at UGent for next academic year will get the cost of their APS-screening reimbursed by the Ghent University-China Platform. For this, the student has to contact the China Platform after arrival at UGent to make an appointment.

Ghent University has a specific service for Chinese students, the China Platform. Click here for more information (also available in Chinese).

Do consult this UGent webpage on the APS Screening.






At the end of the selection stage, applicants have the possibility to appeal against the decisions made by the Management Board.

Please note that an appeal can only be made to the selection procedure, and not to the outcome of the selection status! An appeal may be made by sending an appeal form via registered mail to the IMRD Secretariat (postal address- see  contact on this website).

The form should state the reason of their appeal, including proof of supporting documents (if applicable). The IMRD Appeal Form can be uploaded here.

The appeal has to be sent within 10 working days (with the date of postmark as proof) after receipt of the selection news.
Once the IMRD Secretariat receives the appeal form, the sender will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by email.

The appeal will then be investigated by the IMRD Coordinator and Secretariat, and if needed extra feedback will be obtained from the IMRD Management Board.
Within 15 working days after having received the appeal, the appealer will receive the outcome of the appeal with the reasons for rejecting or accepting it.


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